Not to be confused with ‘copyrighting’ (the protection of your intellectual property), copywriting is the art of crafting engaging content aimed at a specific audience. Copywriters work on everything from websites, adverts and television commercials to brochures, sales letters and social media posts.

Good copy is persuasive.

Effective copywriting influences the actions of the consumer. It helps to establish trust and forge a relationship between your audience and your brand, and plays a vital role in your efforts to convert ‘window shoppers’ into paying customers.

It helps you get found.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, relates to how visible you are online – how high up Google’s search engine you rank, and thus how easily you can be found. SEO is a complex process – it’s not enough to simply litter your content with keywords. Those keywords need to be located in critical positions, and be accompanied by quality copy – genuinely interesting content that the search engines recognise as holding real value for the reader. 

Putting your best foot forward.

Remember, this is about connecting and communicating with your target market. The words on your website are just as much a reflection of your brand as your logo, your colours, and the products you sell. Good copywriting will help win over your audience; bad copy will turn them away.

A fresh perspective.

As Kiwis we hate to brag, and many people find it incredibly difficult to extol the virtues of their own business. A professional copywriter will bring objectivity to the assignment, helping you to establish a ‘voice’ that reflects the personality of your brand, and waxing lyrical about your company and your products in the process.

Getting across the line.

All too often clients commit to writing their own content only to find they simply don’t have the time, or the energy, to get it done. And while they’re caught up in the day-to-day running of their business their new website sits idle, desperately awaiting the final piece of the puzzle – the copy. Obviously that’s not ideal – if you’ve invested money in a new site you want it live as soon as possible. Sometimes the easiest way to achieve this is to employ a copywriter – someone who can commit to a deadline and deliver a quality outcome.

A website is a valuable asset – a tool that can promote your brand on the global stage and turn your product into a sought-after commodity. But if you want it to perform at peak capacity you need to pay close attention to every detail, including the words!

We offer a range of copywriting services; from basic packages that see our professional writers tweaking the content you’ve created, to a full service including everything from initial interviews and research to tone of voice guidelines and search engine optimisation. To learn more just give us a call.