HamiltonJet is the pioneer and market leader in waterjets and control systems. For 80 years they have set the benchmark in waterjet technology across the globe. But with advances in marine technology moving at pace, we needed to go beyond ‘business as usual’ to tell the maritime world about HamiltonJet’s exciting developments in assistance and autonomous solutions to help them gain a better market position. We've worked closely with their senior team to develop thought leadership pieces and helped showcase their vision for the future to a global audience, both through direct channels and via video and digital marketing. The result is a body of authentic, articulate and engaging material that has enabled HamiltonJet to clearly talk to customers and potential customers world-wide about its capabilities, including the ability to partner with third parties to create sophisticated, bespoke solutions.

Category buyer research
Customer research
Brand positioning
Brand strategy
Communications strategy & planning
Public relations strategy & planning
Campaign & asset creation to drive sales

“Harvey Cameron is a great partner. From the outset, they’ve worked in partnership with us to understand our business and our industry. It means they can present ideas based on insight and spot opportunities. And because they have integrated expertise across the board, they can deliver everything we need in house.” Ben Reed, CEO HamiltonJet

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