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We need to position the company to be in a strong position in a competitive market place.

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Superior pastures, superior farm performance

Agriseeds is a market leading pasture seed provider who produce a range of top performing product brands such as Trojan, Shogun and Rohan. However, research showed while New Zealand farmers have good awareness of their products, they were less aware of the Agriseeds brand and what it stands for.


A volatile rural marketplace prompted a review of the relationship Agriseeds has with the New Zealand farmer. A campaign was required to ‘bridge the gap’ between farmers’ direct relationship with rural retailers and Agriseeds as a pasture seed provider. Agriseeds wanted to develop a deeper connection with farmers to communicate their ‘superior pastures’ philosophy and become their trusted pasture advisor and provider.


Agriseeds mission is to provide New Zealand farmers the best pasture they can grow and deliver a better New Zealand economy. The Agriseeds story needed to be told in an authentic, down-to-earth and meaningful way that would resonate with farmers. Our solution was to develop a series ‘moments’ each focusing on specific aspects of the business, featuring real Agriseeds staff at work in their natural environment, and using their voices to tell the stories. A longer feature moment would tell the entire story, bringing all the pieces together.


Television was chosen for its powerful combination of sound, movement and imagery, and ability to reach farmers through sport, news and rural programming. Visually all the executions are linked by the idea of a single take, with interest injected through techniques such as time lapse, camera moves, drone shots and unusual points of view. The campaign comprises 5 x 15 second and 1 x 45 second brand advertisements. The process which includes staff in the ads has been great for Agriseeds and they enjoyed the involvement.

In Autumn Agriseeds sponsored 1 News weather, with ads running seven days during the critical seed purchase period, this initiative has been extremely successful.


The television commercials were presented to the entire Agriseeds staff at a conference to universal acclaim, with one employee saying they bought a tear in her eye. They were shown to a key supplier who commented “after seeing those, why would I buy any other seed?’ We launched the individual 15 second moments TVC’s in the market during the Rugby Championships, complemented by News and Country Calendar spots throughout spring, with a larger campaign planned for autumn. The media commented unprompted that they loved the beautifully shot commercials. The client is thrilled and the feedback has been terrific.


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