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  • Alpine Helicopters

Alpine helicopters offers a unique variety of services ranging from heli-skiing and tourism to more commercially-focused work.

A unique view from above

Wanaka-based Alpine Helicopters have been operating since 1972, and specialise in scenic helicopter rides, agriculture, commercial and private charters – including flights over the breathtaking Southern Alps, and the World Heritage listed Mount Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks. A family-owned and operated company, their roots go right back to the pioneering days of venison and live deer recovery in New Zealand. The history that permeates the company provided us with a rich backdrop upon which to create the next chapter in this family story. We followed something of a 'back to the future' route with the brand in order to reconnect it to the past. We felt the cleanliness and strength of the original logo (which had evolved into a illustrative helicopter icon in recent years) looked surprisingly fresh and modern. So with some subtle tweaks and a new direction that borrows strongly from the swiss design tradition, we set a bold new flight path for the future.

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Alpine Helicopters