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From concept to launch - we worked to bring Atopis to the market.

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Introducing Atopis to the world 

When science meets nature the results can be quite spectacular. That’s certainly the case with Atopis, an innovative range of skin-care products that are revolutionising the treatment of atopic skin complaints. We helped the Atopis team tell the world about their new creation.

When acclaimed Kiwi scientist Dr Iona Weir discovered she could tap into the biotic reactions indigenous New Zealand plants use to build the apoptosis defenses, she knew she was on to something big. So did the scientific community, who recognised her achievements with both an international award and global acclaim.

For Dr Weir and her business partners, the challenge then became about applying those findings to the health needs of humans. And so they set about creating Atopis, a range of skincare products that reverse cell damage and promote healthy, younger-looking skin.


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Our involvement began right back in those early stages. We worked with the Atopis team on initial product development, helped them define their brand position ahead of their launch into the US, built a new ecommerce website for them, and continue to manage their online marketing program.

Of course, brand identity and packaging were also key components of our work. The brand mark had to be refined and needed to reflect genuine design consideration. It had to instill a sense of confidence in the consumer – It couldn’t look like a ‘craft’ product, as many natural or organic offerings do. After all, Atopis might be made from all-natural ingredients, but it also has a strong scientific background.

The overall design system is clean and contemporary, employing a muted palette that allows the imagery we’ve used to really sing. Those images – with their rich texture and vibrant colours – add considerable impact.

Messaging hierarchy was an important consideration. With a lot to say, and limited real estate in which to say it, it was vital all the elements worked in harmony, conveying a clear message without compromising the clean, sophisticated look of the packaging.

While the different creams in the family had to hold together as a cohesive suite, they also needed to appeal to distinct audiences – from a predominantly female skew looking at the anti-ageing products. to everyone from teenage boys to mums of young children who may be interested in the acne cream.

Atopis™ is now available to purchase at: