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  • Christchurch City Mission

The majority of funding comes from individual donations and bequests from the people of Canterbury.

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Proud to support a worthy cause

It costs more than $15,000 a day to run the Christchurch City Mission, an organisation dedicated to helping Cantabrians in need. We’re immensely proud to work alongside this worthy cause, providing our services pro bono as they reach out to the wider community for funding and support. 

For several years now we’ve been involved with their Foodbank Appeal. This year the campaign took on a fresh twist, with a new option allowing donors to contribute money as either an addition or an alternative to the groceries and supplies the Christchurch City Mission traditionally asks for. 

As in previous years the campaign received strong support from local radio stations, billboard companies and The Press, as well as New World, who covered all costs incurred.


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