• Heartland

An iconic NZ brand needed a South Island agency touch, helping bring the Heartland Chip to NZ 'one chip at a time'.

A Great Chip, and a Great Fit!

Potato chips have always been a staple treat in the Harvey Cameron offices. So when Adrienne and Raymond Bowan, the founders of Heartland Potato Chips, emailed asking for our help, it’s fair to say the team were falling over themselves to help!

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Taking Heartland to the next level

The rise of Heartland Potato Chips has been a meteoric one, to say the least. Potato farmer Raymond Bowan had always dreamed of making chips, and when the opportunity to purchase a local plant arose he and his family leapt at it. They quickly established themselves in the market, earning a spot on the supermarket shelves alongside the industry’s biggest players. And then, as they looked to continue their growth, they came to us. 

Keeping it real...

By using shots of raw potatoes fresh from the ground (as opposed to actual chips) Heartland had already disrupted the market. We built on that, redesigning their packaging around strong visuals that reflected the down-to-earth nature of this family-run business.

The design is very much an extension of the Bowan’s story, with the rustic look lending it a very tactile feel.

...and keeping it fresh

One of our key tasks involved redesigning the packaging for their range of ‘thins’. This range had to appeal to a market looking for a lighter snack. It also had to appeal to an audience that was predominantly female.

The use of a white-washed background helped us to create a light, fresh look, and provided differentiation within the overall design system.

For the discerning chip-lover

We also helped them launch their range of Premium Crafted Crisps, using darker backgrounds and a more sophisticated palette for this high-end offering.

A family of chips

The result of our work to-date with Heartland is a variety of products which appeal to different audiences, but which sit together as a coherent suite. We’ve retained the goodwill and equity that the Bowan’s had established in their brand, and have continued to tell their story. But we’ve also imbued the brand with a contemporary look and feel that will ensure it remains relevant for years to come.