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  • Hertz

We're proud to have held Hertz as a client from the agency's inception.

It's been one long, enjoyable journey

With more than 10,300 locations around the globe, Hertz is much more than just a rental car business. It’s a company that takes pride in meeting the ever-changing needs of it’s customers, with their ‘customer comes first’ ethos playing a crucial role in their success over the last 100 years.

Hertz have been with Harvey Cameron since day one (and that’s more than 20 years ago now!). As well as guiding the brand from a New Zealand perspective, we also work closely with their Melbourne-based marketing team to ensure the brand has consistency across all international markets.

Following their brand guidelines, we have been able to craft NZ specific messaging and promotions during key periods, driving both leisure and business bookings. This has resulted in print, online, outdoor, radio and direct mail executions. 

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Hertz Airport Screen
Hertz Golf Ads
Hertz Winter 2016