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For a life more vibrant!

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Micro-Nutrients, Macro-View

Calling the team at Nutrient Rescue ‘big picture thinkers’ would be an understatement. Their goal is to save the world, one shot glass of their natural, nutrient-rich drinks at a time!

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For a life more vibrant

Cookie Time founder Michael Mayell is on a mission – to help New Zealand, New Zealanders and the rest of the world to be less animal-focused and more plant-focused when it comes to nutrition. Packed full of essential micro-nutrients, Nutrient Rescue’s Green and Red Shots have been developed to complement the user’s daily intake of fruit and vegetables.

Involved from the ground-up 

We’ve been involved with Nutrient Rescue since the very beginning, helping to name the product, developing the branding and establishing the tone of voice for the company, as well as designing packaging and creating collateral to support their marketing initiatives.

Perfectly balanced

Telling the market that ‘we’re here to save the world’ presented a challenge in itself. Promote that idea too strongly and you risk alienating the bulk of the market – all of the people interested in a ‘quick energy fix’, but not overtly concerned with the fate of the planet. But leave it out altogether and the very essence of Nutrient Rescue is lost.

The solution we settled on was inspired by the nutritional benefits of the product. Punchy images with a sense of immediacy reflect the quick, convenient nature of the product, while bold typography helps us create impact with our messaging. The story of Nutrient Rescue – the people behind the product and the principles that drive them – underpins that primary messaging. 

Naturally appealing

Of course, with such strong imagery and such bold messaging there’s a lot going on. But the design still works on a holistic level, with a sense of refinement that ensures it will appeal to everyone from busy mums and time-poor professionals to sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts. 

Nutrient Rescue

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