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Tried and tested up and down this country.

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Loved by Kiwis for Generations

Red Band gumboots – made by Skellerup Industries – have been a Kiwi icon for nearly 60 years. While Red Band has become synonymous with New Zealand’s rural sector it’s an incredibly versatile brand who’s offering has evolved significantly in recent years.

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Well known, but still growing

We’ve worked alongside Skellerup Industries for more than 15 years, helping them to promote a wide range of offerings to the rural, dairy and industrial sectors, and collaborating with them to expand their reach into new markets. The Red Band range has been at the forefront of much of that work, which has included web development, digital marketing and traditional media activity. It also encompasses special events like Field Days, the rural showcase where Skellerup sold more than 50,000 pairs of gumboots over the course of four days in 2015!

Not just for farmers

Although Red Bands are quintessentially linked with rural New Zealand, they’re certainly not designed exclusively for farmers. In recent years we’ve worked hard to cement Skellerup’s position in the broader consumer market, with campaigns like #RedBandCountry conveying the message that Red Bands are for all Kiwis - from hard working farmers in remote rural areas to mums, dads and kids in cosmopolitan centres.

Expanding the offering

You don’t survive in business for more than 100 years without being agile, and Skellerup have always had an open mind when it comes to new products and innovations. Over the last few years they’ve introduced a variety of fresh offerings to the market, including the hugely successful Red Bandals, Skellerup’s own take on the classic Kiwi jandal.

The latest initiatives include a range of Work Boots (promoted through the ‘Work Boots that Work’ campaign) and now the start of an apparel range (launched with the campaign ‘It’s Red Band Top-to-Toe’), which have introduced Skellerup to a whole new consumer market.

Skellerup Red Band