With ~90% of the NZ population accessing the internet on a regular basis, a digital marketing strategy is a must to reach your target audience!  We have a dedicated, in house, team of digital marketing specialists with heaps of experience working with all types of businesses across B2B & B2C. We work closely with you to ensure we understand your business goals so we can build a tailored digital marketing strategy with the right objectives & KPIs in place. We also pride ourselves on simplifying what can be a complex part of your overall marketing & business strategy.

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Paid Search

Paid search is a fundamental channel in digital marketing. It is a highly targeted channel, that should be on every businesses digital marketing plan. It allows you to advertise on search engines when people search for specific things.You have complete control over your budget, search terms that trigger your ads, the ad copy and where you want to send your customers. Harvey Cameron are a certified Google Premium Partner which means we are recognised as experts at helping business grow and succeed with Google Ads. 

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Social Media

Social media should also be a key part of any digital marketing strategy as 90% of kiwis, over 15 years old, use social media on a regular basis.  Every business can use social media as a way to drive sales, get feedback from customers, increase loyalty, offer better customer service and to be creative in communicating with customers. We offer a range of social media services from community management to paid advertising.

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Display & Programmatic Advertising

Display advertising puts your ads in front of your targeted audiences on a variety of websites and apps, this can be using Video, Banners or Native placements. Display advertising is a cost effective, highly targeted & highly measurable way of getting your marketing message out to your audience across the web. Programmatic is a method of buying display inventory in real time and uses machine learning to best optimise the display ad, minimising wastage & maximising impact.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is essential to anyone who has a website. It is a very cost effective but hard earned channel which combines a mixture of technical on site, content & off site elements to get your site ranking in the search engines result pages (SERPS). Unlike Paid Search, SEO takes time to get right before seeing any results but the end result is free, highly targeted traffic to your site. SEO is a consistently evolving area and it is important to stay on top of changes and updates to maintain your hard earned search engine ranking.

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Email Marketing & Automation

Did you know that the first email was sent all the way back in the 70’s?! It marked the start of instant communication and has formed the way we communicate today. Email marketing today is still one of the best ways to talk to people on a 1-to-1 basis, at scale. When done right it can be your number 1 channel for nurturing and converting prospective or returning customers. Harvey Cameron works with all of the major email platforms and can assist in all steps of the process from lead generation, planning, copywriting, testing through to reporting.

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing encourages you to draw customers in with relevant messaging targeted at those who are more likely to buy from you, rather than broad messaging targeted at an undefined audience. You are creating content for people who fit your ideal customer needs, these people are more likely to become a lead. With the right inbound strategy you can successfully move through the funnel of attracting, converting, closing and delighting your customers.

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Measurement & Reporting

Measuring, tracking and reporting on your digital marketing and website visitors gives you essential data and insight to optimise your digital media, make improvements to your site, online sales funnels, user experiences and overall digital strategy decisions. We ensure that you have the right set up to get the data you need to make key business decisions easier and faster.

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