Why Use Display?

Display Advertising is a cost-effective method to get your message to your target audience, increase awareness and drive action. Display Advertising is bought on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) model, is highly measurable, highly targeted and can generate great results for businesses of all types.

One of the benefits of digital marketing, and display advertising in particular, is its targeting capabilities. You can start out with a simple approach - buying impressions on specific websites, specific placements within that site and different formats or sizes. You can then move into more complicated targeting based on audience data, such as demographics and interests. You can also use other data to help inform your targeting - either your own data (1st Party) or other people's data (3rd Party).

Why Use Display?

Targeting Options


• 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data
• Lookalike audiences
• Affinity and in market
• Demographics
• Geographic
• Day and Time


• Whitelists and blacklists
• Category of website
• Contextual keywords
• Viewability


• Browser
• Device
• Connection speed
• Carrier and ISP

Targeting Strategy


This is high funnel, awareness driven activity, targeting new audiences that have not been on your website previously. It is the first touchpoint in the user journey and is introducing your brand to the consumer.


Using your own 1st party data, you can use display advertising to target people who have previously been to your website. The most common use of this is to target people who have visited your website but not purchased anything nor made contact. These people are much more likely to come back to you to buy or get in touch in the future with retargeting.

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