Why Use Email?

When email marketing is done well, it can be the most effective digital channel to convert prospective clients and retain current customers. It works best on a mix of triggered automated email workflows and regular broadcast type email sends.

Segmenting your database and communicating in the most targeted and relevant way is the key to high performance, along with comprehensive testing and monitoring. This is ultimately driven from a strong data strategy and clear communications plan.

There are a range of platforms that email marketing can be managed through. We are technology agnostic and work across MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Hubspot and can integrate with many CRMs. They all have good template options including complete customisation, segmentation options and workflows.

While email looks simple, segmentation of lists and having a clearly defined content strategy designed to deliver the right messaging at the right time in the customer journey is key to success.


Why Use Email?

Email Marketing Strategies

Monthly EDMs

Monthly broadcasts or newsletters continue to be a valuable strategy for developing a relationship. They keep the conversation going with existing clients, keeping you top of mind and demonstrating expertise in the industry to build trust.

Email Workflows

Automatic email flows are set up to run as people join your list and nurture leads into becoming customers with no manual input. They can run over a short or long period depending on your decision making cycle.


E-commerce websites can also take advantage of automation with abandoned cart reminders, post sale follow ups, encouragement reviews and offers for repeat purchases or retention.

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