The Inbound Methodology

In the age of the Internet, consumers are more informed, research products and services much more thoroughly and don’t want to be sold to. This is why Search is a key channel for Inbound Marketing - ensuring ideal customers can find us when they’re looking for the product or service.

Inbound Marketing is also a much more quantifiable approach to marketing. Used in conjunction with Marketing Automation platforms like HubSpot, it’s easy to see ROI against marketing spend in a way that wasn’t previously possible. We can see which media channels generate the best leads, how well they’re converting and we can gain insights into what activity helps increase the average LTV (lifetime value) of a customer.

Finally, Inbound is a helpful strategy in businesses with a sales focus. Inbound has a single view of the customer (from marketing, to sales, to service). This helps to bring together marketing and sales departments, delivering better revenue whilst always putting the customer at the centre. Whether it’s an e-commerce or retail sales organisation, or a business driven by a direct-to-customer sales model, Inbound can help funnel prospective customers through towards a purchase.


The Inbound Methodology

The Inbound Marketing Funnel


In the ‘Attract’ phase, we turn strangers into website visitors, capturing prospective customers at the top of a funnel with relevant advertising. We use channels like Search, Display and Social Media to do so. Blog content is also a key channel, as it helps drive SEO results.


‘Engage’ is creating long lasting relationships and connections with prospects using conversation. This can be through a range of channels such as email and live chat, with the purpose of collecting your prospects information. This data is then used to customise their experience and create brand loyalty through specific targeting and ads.


To delight a customer, you look to exceed their expectations and create a positive experience with your product or brand.

Delighting is the key to building a sense of goodwill and foster the relationship to build loyalty with your brand in the long term.

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