What do you measure?

The performance of both your website and any online media need to be tracked and monitored. The KPI’s that are used for measurement will vary based on your objectives and the stage of the sales funnel.

During the discovery phase, which takes place before the implementation of any tracking setup, we complete a workshop with you to set the KPI’s to determine a plan for measurement which aligns with the appropriate platforms and objectives of your website and media.

We are technology agnostic, and use a range of tools and technology to ensure the best solution for your needs. This includes but is not limited to Google Analytics, DoubleClick, Facebook pixels, heat mapping, SERP tracking, and other 3rd party tools. Google Tag Manager is the primary resource that we use to implement and manage this measurement as it allows for great flexibility and customisation for more cost effective and relevant data.

To harness the power of the data, we can build live interactive dashboards customised to your data requirements, to monitor performance. These allow for exceptional transparency and ability to make proactive and informed decisions.

What do you measure?

Tracking through the Sales Funnel


At the Reach stage in the sale funnel, users are gaining awareness and are exploring. KPI’s and measurement is focused on:
• Reach
• Impressions
• Brand Search Impact


At the Act stage of the funnel, users are gaining understanding and beginning their decision making process. KPI’s and measurement is focused on:
• CTR & Visits to website
• Video Views
• Website Engagement


At the Convert stage of the sales funnel, users are converting into sales. KPI’s and measurement is focused on:
• Leads
• Sales

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