Why Google Ads?

Google is the most popular website in the world and is responsible for over 96% of online searches within New Zealand, so we tend to focus our time there, although Bing also has a similar platform.

Using Google Ads is also a great way to get in front of genuine customer prospects while they are searching on Google, telling you exactly what they are looking for. This gives you a fast way to drive qualified traffic or generate leads through to your website.

Advertising through Google Ads also gives you complete control over the keywords you’re buying, along with your messaging, paired with accurate tracking of results. It’s fast to set up, extremely targeted, measurable and data driven. It’s typically a key channel for digital marketing due to its high level of control and the opportunity to target those with high intent.

It’s also scalable for businesses of any size and is suitable for anyone looking for an online presence. Basically, if your audience is searching on Google, you should be there too.


Why Google Ads?

Our Process


We begin with an audit resulting in a comprehensive review of any available account setup.

Keyword Research & Competitor Review

This review details research and analysis of competition, audiences, keywords and intent.

Strategy Development

We use this stage to get to know the ins and outs of your business and industry before developing the best strategy to meet your audience’s needs.

Setup & Launch

At this point, we begin the technical implementation of Google Ads campaigns to best practice.

Management & Optimisation

Paid Search needs monitoring and updating regularly as your business, competition, audience, market or available features and best practice changes.


We collate and interpret data, insights and recommendations to improve on KPIs and keep ahead of the competition.

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