HC Channel & Media are experts in building brands, making markets and elevating sales. 

We provide the full-suite of media agency services.  Strategy. Planning. Negotiation. Buying. Execution. Analytics. Reporting.


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Know your audiences

We connect brands to audiences.  We create strategy from insight. We turn strategy into communications plans that succeed and are distinct.  

Our craft spans all paid, owned and earned media channels (TV, Cinema, Out of Home, Radio, Print, Letterbox, Video, Performance, Social, Search, Email, Inbound) 

We speak of reach, engagement, impact, presence, propinquity, conversion. 


Channel Strategy

Make a smarter investment

Invest your marketing budget wisely.

We are deal makers (negotiate media deals), we are stock brokers (purchase media space and time), we are cake makers (we curate the media mix), we are very stern critics (review / revise performance during and post campaign).

Strategy. Planning. Negotiation. Buying. Execution. Analytics.  Reporting. 

We provide a full-service - so that smart marketers can invest their time as wisely as we invest your budgets.

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