Successful product development is about taking great ideas and making sure they fulfil their potential. It involves research and analysis to confirm there’s both a relevant need and a real profit to be made, and in-depth planning to ensure the path to market is as slick and efficient as possible. 


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Product Strategy & Design

Understanding what a product or service can deliver and how this will address a genuine market need is critical to realising the commercial opportunity. From wine brands and cafes to large format retail, we take products from concept to reality, handling everything from price elasticity modelling to proof of concept prototyping. At every stage we engage our marketing, advertising and PR teams to make sure that what gets designed can be sold!   

product design

Consumer Testing

Smart businesses listen to the consumer – carefully. That’s why every product and service we design gets a tailored consumer testing plan. That plan employs a combination of desktop research, industry research and reports, focus groups, test panels, in home diaries and, of course, quantitative testing. Post launch we monitor and measure the effectiveness of the design and refine and adapt as needed in order to deliver on objectives.  

consumer testing