PR is the way we wrap non-paid media influence around your brand. It gives you the authority of editorial (news) backed by considered planning to maximise impact. We can handle your PR inhouse, or can work with other specialists to ensure you get the coverage and exposure you need.


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The concept of a ‘media release’ is certainly not a new one. But long gone are the days when that simply involved contacting your local journalist. Today we have a myriad of channels, tools and resources at our disposal, and we exploit them all to their fullest, shouting from the rooftops about your successes, promoting the causes you support, and telling the world about your new products and services.

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Social Media

Social media is a wonderful platform for all businesses; a place where you can interact with your customers like never before, garnering support, gathering feedback and gaining a distinct advantage over your competitors. But it’s also a place where things can go wrong quickly; where negative experiences and damaging feedback can spread like wild-fire. That’s why a robust social strategy is an essential component of any business’s ongoing plan.  

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