We don’t believe in guesswork. Instead, we rely on strategies which are based on research and insight. Strategies that are designed to ensure your brand remains relevant and future-proofed, and that help you nurture better relationships with the consumer. Strategies that allow you to spend wisely, operate effectively, and achieve real, sustainable results.


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Client Service

Our client services team are the people you’ll have the most contact with; the people who’ll oversee your project, and the people who’ll develop an in-depth understanding of both your organisation and your aspirations. They’ll not only monitor budgets, ensure timeframes are met and act as the liaison point between our team and yours – they’ll also provide our creatives, developers and digital marketers with crucial insights into your business and the consumers you’re trying to reach.

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Nothing happens by accident here at Harvey Cameron. The strategies we develop and the creative we produce are the result of both research and insight. From studying your market and analysing your competitors to profiling your customers and searching for keywords, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to understand your business. By laying the foundation at the start of a project we ensure the final execution is on point; that every element serves a specific purpose and speaks to a defined audience.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is about big-picture thinking; about developing a road map to tackle short-term challenges and achieve long-term goals. It’s a fluid process, one where opportunities are consistently unearthed and ideas constantly born. It’s about prioritising your immediate needs, and creating an environment where future initiatives can come to fruition. And, most importantly, it’s about helping you to make smart decisions.