Spa World

We've helped Spa World transform their business from a sales-orientated company that focused on retail and discounts into a brand-orientated company where premiumisation and greater margin and profit are the focus. Projects have included repositioning each of their Spa World, Vortex Spas and Fisher Spas brands, creating new identities, new ways of marketing and communicating, with long-term plans that correctly pair brand and retail campaigns and tactics, including new websites with greater automation and CRM capabilities built in resulting in significantly improved marketing and business outcomes. The work we have done is now being implemented by Spa World’s new parent company Jacuzzi in markets across Asia, Europe and North and South America. We are also assisting Jacuzzi with the brand positioning, identity and marketing strategies for their core spa brands including the Jacuzzi masterbrand as well as redesigning and building their websites across the group.

Market research
Brand research
Competitor research
Category buyer research
Customer research
Journey mapping
Brand positioning
Visual identity
Brand strategy
Brand story
Marketing strategy
Website design & build
Product positioning
Packaging design & production
Ecommerce strategy & planning
Content marketing strategy & planning
Long-term comms and media strategy & planning
Long-term campaign & media implementation
Short-term campaign & media implementation
Short-term comms and media strategy & planning
Brand tracking & measurement
Ecommerce implementation
Website optimisation
CRM & email marketing
Marketing technology
Marketing automation
Audits - media, SEO, SEM, website, social etc.
Media investment & performance optimisation

The proof is in the pudding – over the last 3 years Spa World’s business has seen double digit growth each year in both Australia and New Zealand.

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