Wild Legend

Southern Rock Lobsters, known colloquially as Crayfish in New Zealand, are a premium delicacy sought after by seafood lovers across the globe. Fiordland Lobster Co. (incorporating SALCO in Australia) is the world's largest exporter of this highly-coveted species. They approached us to refresh and relaunch their consumer-facing 'Wild Legend' brand, with the goal of expanding their presence both locally and in a number of overseas markets. We worked alongside them to develop a new brand story that helped bring their sustainable fishing and live export story to life, underpinned by the promise of delivering "The World's Finest Lobster". Next we refined and redesigned their brand identity to convey a more premium design look and feel. We were also tasked with designing new packaging and collateral for overseas trade shows.

Packaging design & production
Brand story
Visual identity
Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Competitor research
Brand research

Wild Legend lobsters are captured in the wild within a strict national fishing Quota Management System that protects our unique marine ecosystems and maintains wild stocks for future generations. The lobsters are then transported in specially designed refrigerated vehicles from remote landing points to dedicated tanking facilities where they're held live in a controlled saltwater environment until they’re export packed or cooked.

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